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Updated: Oct 4, 2021

At Gemma Pearce Fitness, we specialise in Pilates classes and classes for older people... so offering a Gentle Pilates class is a perfect combination of the two!

Gentle Pilates classes are designed for those 60+ or those returning to exercise after injury or illness. 

Some of our Gentle Pilates ladies!

Gentle Fitness Pilates classes focus on stretching and strengthening the back, waist, shoulders, hips and legs with an all over body workout. We'll also be doing gentle stretches and work on maintaining and improving balance too.

It’s gentle enough to be suitable for everyone - maybe you’re suffering from lower back pain, sciatica, achy shoulders or other conditions. We're also experienced in teaching participants with arthritis, osteoporosis and various hip conditions.

As long as it’s ok with your GP / physio / osteopath / chiropractor, then you’re very welcome to join us, but if you're not sure please just get in touch.

We’ll be giving adaptations and suitable exercises for everyone and you’ll be simply encouraged to work hard and do YOUR best whatever that may be. 

We always aim for our classes to be sociable, supportive, fun and friendly and these are no different! 

Gentle Fitness Pilates classes are 45 mins and we will be doing some floor work so you will need to bring a mat. Don’t let that put you off though as we’ll be using chairs to get down and up from the ground. 

Our classes are on Wednesday mornings in Abingdon and Friday mornings in Steventon.

Contact us for more information and to book a place.

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