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Pilates Essentials

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

The only thing you need for a Pilates class is a mat. But I’m often asked about where to buy them and if there’s any other equipment you might need to do Pilates at home. Here are a few basics that I would recommend:


To be honest, a thick carpet is perfectly adequate if you’re exercising at home but on a hard floor, a non-slip mat is useful. I’ve tried out lots of mats, from thin to thick and I prefer a chunky mat (8mm or thicker). Yoga mats can be bit thin for Pilates where softer padding is needed especially when lying on your tummy. I really like this mat and it comes in lots of pretty colours!


Bare feet are generally perfect for Pilates but sometimes you can’t get the right grip or you can’t slide your feet along the floor so a pair of the right type of socks can boost your experience. Toesox look weird and feel weird, but spreading your toes can help with your alignment and balance. If you just can’t get on with separated toe socks, there are other Pilates/slipper socks that help with grip, but normal socks are really too slippery to be of use. Toesox and Pilates socks.

Mini Ball

If you’ve been to one of my Pilates classes, you’ll be familiar with my love of the mini ball! We squeeze it between our ankles, thighs and hands, we lean against them for abs work, and I particularly like lying on them to really test core stability. A mini ball is great for making some exercises easier and some harder. We’ll be using these in Pilates classes in a couple of weeks time - I provide all the balls for my face-to-face classes but if you’d like one for your home workout, we recommend these.

Spikey Ball

Using a spikey ball can help to release tension in the lower or upper back and shoulders – issues associated with a sedentary, desk-based lifestyle. This spikey ball is also a wonderful massage tool for the feet and bum!

Resistance Band

I love to use resistance bands in my classes to add resistance to certain exercises, stretching hamstrings for instance. Going on holiday? These are so easy to pack and take away with you for a cheeky workout in your hotel room! You can get hold of resistance bands at Decathlon or here (turquoise/medium).


Feeling comfortable with freedom of movement in your Pilates outfit is a must. There’s so much choice out there in wonderful colours and breathable fabrics. Every supermarket has a fitness range, not to mention H&M, Matalan, TKMaxx, Decathlon and Primark, and I also like Lucy Locket Loves and Tikiboo

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