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On Demand Classes

If our online class memberships aren't for you, or you want to try out a few classes before committing to the full membership, here are the Gemma Pearce Fitness On Demand classes!

On Demand or Pay As You Go online classes are really simple - choose your class, pay via credit card or Paypal, and then watch the video whenever and wherever you like! It'll live in your GPF website account or you can access it on this page when logged in.  

So why might On Demand classes suit you?


1.    If you’re easing back into exercise and want to try a few different types of classes

2.    If you want to do an online workout at a time that suits you

3.    If you can’t commit to a monthly fee or you don’t have the time to get top value from regular membership classes  

If you want to give your body a great workout on your terms, check out our videos below.

Strictly Fit
Pilates for Pelvic Health
Pilates for Menopause