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4 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

You know what to eat. You know which foods are good for you and will take you closer to your goals.

But are you frustrated and feeling like you are eating healthily but not getting the results you really want?

Here are 4 common reasons.

Reason 1 Mindless eating. Stressful snacking. Night Time Nibbling.

Are you eating healthy meals BUT mindless snacking between meals when you are not hungry? Do you feel bouts of stress during the day and find yourself eating for a quick comfort fix? Even if it's a healthy food that you’re snacking on, you may do this multiple times and all these calories add up and will take you way over your daily calorie amount.

Action. Be aware today of how many times you eat between meals when you are not hungry. Are you stressed? When stressed, did you reach for food? Awareness is so important - once you realise you are doing it you can stop it.

Reason 2 Sleep

Did you get a good 8 hours of unbroken sleep last night? If not, a lack of quality sleep month after month will have a huge impact on your hormone levels, your appetite, your mood and cravings. When you are sleep deprived you eat more and make poor food choices.

Action. Work on your sleep routine this week. Switch of your phone before bed and don’t have it in your bedroom.

Reason 3 Are you too busy to exercise?

Daily exercise is crucial for speeding up your metabolic rate. Burning calories, increasing muscle mass and body composition no forgetting the impact of your mental health.

Action Exercise at home! All you need is a 10 minute quick workout. I regularly post these in our Facebook group – Gemma Pearce Fitness Family

Reason 4 STRESS Are you stressed and overwhelmed? It doesn't matter if you are experiencing BIG HUGE stress or small low-level daily stress. Stress has huge implications for your hormonal health, appetite, mental health, physical health. Action Make a list of EVERYTHING that causes you stress. Can you take small steps every day on combating stress? Take a 5 minute break from life, maybe try to exercise more even if it’s just going for a walk.

Do you need to change things? Your daily routine? Your goals?

I hope that helps you. These are all things we look at on our Kick Start programmes – it’s so much more than a meal plan!

You can join our latest plan here

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