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Updated: Aug 31, 2021

The numbers are in – no we’re not talking about the budget or the Brexit votes – it’s the results of our first Kick Start Detox & Reset.

15 people joined Claire and I for two weeks of detox eating, quick exercise and resetting habits every day and we all feel amazing! In total, the group lost 77 inches from our waist, hips, bust, arms and legs (that’s over 6 feet gone) and a fantastic 5½ stone (the equivalent of 1385 Creme Eggs) in just two weeks!

Claire and I were so pleased with everyone’s progress, for some cutting out the coffee was hard, for others, stopping the sugary snacks was the biggest challenge but the whole group supported each other, sharing meal ideas along with their worries and their triumphs.

The best part of the whole process is the investment we could see that people were making in themselves, realising that with a little thought and planning, it is completely possible to eat healthy meals and feel full. Many of the participants found they slept better and had bags more energy and positivity to face life’s challenges.

As a group, we are keen to carry on with the good habits we began, to keep seeing measurable benefits on the scales and the tape measure and more importantly to carry on developing a better relationship with food – being in control of what we eat and not the other way round.

This comment from Judy is typical of the feedback we received from the Kick Start Detox & Reset: “I’ve really enjoyed the whole process – the food, fasting and the exercise. It has made me review my eating habits and I feel so much better for it. I believe I’ll be able to stick with this program a lot easier than any other healthy eating plan I’ve done before. Having Gemma and Claire as our mentors was brilliant, guiding us through the 2 weeks every step of the way. Having an evening video link with each of them helped spur me on and along with the rest of the members via the Facebook group, sharing photos, recipes, ideas and answering questions really helped motivate me. Not once did I feel like giving up. Thanks for all your help ladies.”

So, do you like what you hear? Think you’re ready to reset your habits? Why not join our next programme?

Run via a private Facebook Group, you will get the same motivation and support with daily 10 minute fat-burning workouts, meal plans and recipes, and a live daily Q&A session. Please visit this page to book.

We look forward to welcoming you to Kick Start your healthy lifestyle!

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