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Kick Start: The secret of success

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

As we reach the end of our third Kick Start programme, with more amazing results recorded by our fabulous participants, I wanted to share my own progress and some ‘secrets of my success’ with you.

When Claire and I did our first trial run of Kick Start in November 2018, I was feeling frustrated with my weight and shape. It was one year after having my baby and I weighed 11st 3lbs, I just couldn’t seem to tone up and get back to my pre-baby weight. But worse than that, I didn’t have a good relationship with food – I didn’t make great choices, I reached for snacks and I didn’t plan my meals well.

I can honestly say that following the Kick Start programme has completely changed the way I think about food and I am now in control of my mealtimes. In 6 months I’ve lost 20 lbs and because the programme works well around my lifestyle, this has been achieved steadily and has stayed off.

Make a plan and stick to it

Planning is really the number one reason why Kick Start works so well and it was one of my aims from the beginning. Sticking to easy meals, cooking from scratch with simple, tasty ingredients, I know what to buy each week and I plan out my meals around work and family. I don’t feel hungry between meals so I’m not tempted to reach for the biscuits.

Batch cooking bonanza

Cooking from scratch for one person can be a bit time-consuming so I always cook larger quantities to freeze away and use at a later date. Just make sure you label your food properly to avoid nasty surprises!

Leftovers for less waste

Again, rather than cooking small amounts for one, I make more than I need and mix it up with other ingredients on another day. One of my favourites is a veggie frittata – simple to make with any veg, whisked eggs and seasoning. I can rarely manage a whole one so it keeps in the fridge for a couple of days to have another time – a quick lunch or supper when I don’t have much time.

As we add up all the weight and inches lost from this group, I’ll leave you with just one of the lovely comments from participant: “I have found a rhythm of working new healthy habits in to my day to day meals without it being a chore and still enjoy the odd treat. What this programme has taught me is how to break those old bad habits and enjoy new healthier ones without it feeling like a chore.”

So if you feel that you want to make changes to your relationship with food to feel more energised, more organised, sleep better, lose some weight and feel healthier, why not join the Kick Start army?!

Visit this page to join our next programme.

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