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Be the boss of you with Kick Start

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

We’re well into our year of Kick Start healthy eating and fitness programmes, with 73 people taking part in week-long, fortnight or three week programmes during 2019 so far. The success and feedback on the changes that people are making and sticking with are phenomenal and both Claire and I are so impressed with the commitment people have shown to themselves.

A new mindset

Changing long-held unhealthy eating habits requires a change of mindset. For a long time, I found that, despite being very fit and active, I wasn’t losing weight and I wasn’t the shape I wanted to be. This was because I’d fallen into eating ‘quick-fix’ meals and snacking so I wasn’t providing my body with the right fuel to function. With Kick Start, we reset the unhealthy habits by cutting out all the processed ‘bad’ food and going right back to basics with simple, fresh, easy food – and lots of it!

Love a list

I’ve been known to create a list of things I’ve already done so that I can tick them off! Kick Start is the perfect framework to get more organised and create lists – for your goals, for your meals, for your shopping, for your successes! At the start of each programme, we provide a list of all the foods you’re going to be eating to help you.

Plan to achieve

What do they say: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail? Think about your week ahead – where the stress points will be, when you’ll be squeezed for time, when your energy levels tend to slump, so that you can plan your eating to support these times rather than make them worse.

I always knew that Thursday night was my busiest work night when I ate late and it often featured toast and probably cheese – a couple of unhelpful things, especially just before bed. With a simple change, I now make sure that I have a bowl of chilli or a piece of frittata from earlier in the week ready to warm up and eat.

One of the books that helped me to break the unhealthy habits and have the confidence to make changes in my life is The Five Second Rule by Mel Robbins. It’s all about transforming your ‘life, work and confidence with everyday courage’. It’s a great read and I recommend it if you hold back from making decisions in your life.

So if you feel that you want to make changes to your relationship with food, to feel more energised, more organised, sleep better, lose some weight and feel healthier, why not join the Kick Start army?! Visit this page to find about the next course and book.

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