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Legs Bums & Tums

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Very few classes have been around as long as Legs, Bums and Tums – the fitness industry loves shiny new concepts but LBT has really stood the test of time and is still popular today.

It does exactly what it says on the tin! This class aims to tone and strengthen the tummy and lower body and improve fitness levels.

The class starts with a warm up and then moves to a standing choreographed routine that targets the bum and thighs with exercises such as squats, lunges, hamstring curls and every combination I can think of!

Then we come down onto a mat and target the abs with lots and lots of repetitions of various exercises.

In just 30 mins, you can do lots of good for your body – get fitter, improve stamina, increase your energy levels, burn calories and target problem areas… and you’ll really feel like you’ve done something!

Benefits of Legs, Bums & Tums classes include:

  • Full body aerobic & toning workout

  • Simple routines that need little or no co-ordination

  • Massive calorie burn

  • Sculpts the abs and legs

  • Increases stamina

  • Builds strength and power

  • Boosts energy levels

  • Fun!

Fitness Online Members have access to lots of Legs Bums and Tums classes in our online dashboard. There are 15 recorded LBT classes for you to work through, all lasting between 20 and 40 mins – perfect to fit into your day! Check out the dashboard on the video here.

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