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Latest Newsletter - 25.06.2023

Here’s the latest news from Gemma Pearce Fitness!

I hope you had a lovely weekend! Its been quiet here - some splashing in the paddling pool, a trip to Steventon fair and some lying down with a fan on us! I’ll be glad of the cooler weather next week, and I’ll look forward seeing you online or in person soon!

Lots of love, Gemma


New Retired & Fitter Bundle

Lift & Tone


This week’s PAYG timetable:

This week’s 30 min Online Pilates class is Standing Pilates - if you can’t join me live, still sign up and I’ll send you the recording.

“Vogue” is our new warm up at Groovelates and at Zumba we have our amazing new squat track!

We’ll be doing Gentle Pilates in the park next to Chilton Village Hall on Thursday morning!

There’s just the one PAYG Pilates spot available at Chilton Community Room on Thursday evening.


Highlights of Last Week’s Online Classes

All of our new online classes get added to the online membership, alongside hundreds of other fitness, pilates, relaxation and stretching classes already included. We’re forever increasing the range of exercises for you to try and giving you fun and convenient ways to get and keep fit.


This Week’s Sale is all about improving your flexibility!

5 x 15 minute recorded classes suitable for anyone who wants to improve their flexibility, joint range of movement and stretch their muscles.

One of the phrases I hear most often in my job is “I’m so inflexible” and if that sounds like something you’d say then this online mini course is for you! It is NOT for flexible people! You do not have to be flexible, you just have to want to improve your flexibility. Just think how gaining a little flexibility will impact on how you feel… how you move… and how you put your socks on!

Find out more about our online exercise classes and face to face fitness classes in Didcot & Abingdon at

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By participating in this exercise or exercise programme, you are declaring yourself to be physically sound and suffering from no impairment, disease or infirmity or other illness that would prevent your participation in live streamed fitness classes or activities. You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you are unsure about your suitability for this exercise, please refer to your GP. You hereby assume all responsibility for your participation and activities.

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