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Be the Best that you can be in 2018

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Be the best you can be in 2018! Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great evening last night, whether that was " out out" or whether you were in bed by 10.30pm like me! Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions? I'm not sure I believe in them but the month of January fees like a new beginning, don't you think? How do you make the most of that momentum and make positive changes to be the best you can be?

My first tip would be to start by making small, manageable changes to your lifestyle. Don’t set yourself up to fail by the end of the month. If one of your ‘resolutions’ is to exercise more, here’s how to challenge the most common excuses:

1. I have no time If you feel like you never have the time for a proper workout, try and introduce some brisk walking into your day, tighten up your core by pulling your navel to your spine and holding it while you’re driving, or try and add just a 10 minute home workout to your day (see my website for ideas). 2. I hate exercise There’s no magic pill to make you enjoy exercise but if you can find something fun that doesn’t feel like exercise, it really helps! Try Zumba or Clubbercise! 3. I have a new baby – (here’s one for me!) Try and find an activity that can include your baby so that childcare isn’t an obstacle. Why not take your baby for a long walk?

I really believe that group exercise is the best way to get fit in an enjoyable, supportive way. There’s no chance of getting bored at a group class like our Zumba, Pilates, Body Blitz or Clubbercise – the variety of routines keeps us all motivated and a class flies by. Exercising together helps you learn something new without any judgement - anything goes and there are complete beginners are always welcome. Come and join us in 2018! We’d love to see you and help you be the best you can be!

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