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Classmates of the Month 2018

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Our Classmate of the Month for January is Pat - Pat attends Zumba on a Monday morning and Pilates on a Tuesday evening and we chose her because she's just so lovely and smiley - she loves her fitness classes! Here's what she said after we let her know she'd won:“Thank you for awarding me Classmate of the month. It was a lovely surprise especially from something I enjoy doing so much.What better antidote to wet winter Didcot Monday mornings than Zumba. I always find myself dancing with a smile on my face, somehow it seems to bring the sun out at the end of the class. This is not exercise, how can it be if it is such fun. In Claire I have found someone with my same taste for colourful leggings, maybe we can start a trend.… I must also let you know how much I appreciate the return of your Pilates classes. While they were not running I aggravated an old neck injury which is usually kept at bay by weekly classes. I could never bring myself to exercise enough at home to relieve it completely but after the first class everything was back to normal. I like your progressive terms focusing on different parts of the body and think the classes are essential to keeping my body running properly. Thank you for making the classes so enjoyable and perhaps one day I will develop 'abs of steel'."Well done Pat and thank you for your kind words!

February’s Classmate of the Month is Matt!

Matt was nominated by Jasmine because of his regular attendance, his determination and his smile throughout his Clubbercise classes! Here’s what he sad when we gave him his award: “I was shocked, surprised and touched earlier when Jasmine told me I was classmate of the month. I first heard about Clubbercise a while back from a former colleague and thought it may be the kind of workout I'd enjoy, as I am not a gym person. Working in Reading, I used that as an excuse not to give it a try. However, towards the end of last year I changed jobs and so when New Year came around there was no reason for me to not start going. And I am so glad I did! I was apprehensive when I saw no other men going in, and after realising how uncoordinated I was at the first Didcot class I was in 2 minds whether to go back. However, a friend persuaded me to stick with it and really enjoyed it and realised maybe I wasn't that bad. So buzzing from the class I paid for the next week's as I left (being a Yorkshireman if I had paid there was no way I wasn't turning up) and since then I have been going twice a week. Jasmine is a great instructor, very enthusiastic and easy to follow, and has always made me feel so welcome and accepted and not at all out of place. The atmosphere and energy are great and listening to all the tunes and just forgetting about the worries of the day is a great tonic and has made exercising not feel like a chore anymore. The routines are easy to follow (footwise - still not sure what my arms are doing most of the time!) and I am particularly loving the 90s classics that have been added in recently. Roll on the next class!” Congratulations Matt!

Our classmate of the month for March 2018 was Bethany who attends our Wednesday night Zumba class! We chose Bethany as she’s new to the area, found us, was brave enough to try the class on her own and just so obviously loves it! In Claire’s words, she has “embraced the craziness”! Here’s what Bethany said: “I was completely flabbergasted earlier when Claire announced that I was classmate of the month! I have tried Zumba on and off a few times in the past and enjoyed the classes so when I moved to the area in January I was keen to join a class nearby. I loved the first class – I grinned from ear to ear all the way home - I honestly haven’t enjoyed Zumba this much before!! Every week I’m met with smiling faces, made to feel really welcome and always leave feeling great!! Claire is an amazing instructor, so full of energy and soooo encouraging. I’ve never been a dancer or very well coordinated but no-one cares! I joined just to keep fit and have a regular reason to exercise (it’s so much easier than persuading myself to go to the gym!). We have loads of fun and I genuinely look forward to the class each week – even the squats! Thank you for making me smile every week! Bring on the next class!” Congratulations Bethany, love from Gemma and all the team x

I am delighted to announce the winner of May’s Classmate of the Month - Karen Chapple! Karen was nominated by Jasmine and Nikki for her commitment to her fitness classes. She’s basically turned up everywhere! In the last few months, she’s done Clubbercise, Zumba, Family Zumba, Club Body Blitz and a Super Saturday Calorie Burner! Karen says: “I was both stunned and over the moon when Jasmine said I was classmate of the month. The reason is I just couldn’t be without my weekly fix of Clubbercise, and I just have so much fun it doesn’t feel like you’re working out! There are so many classes to choose from and Gemma’s team is so amazing. I have a right laugh and buzz in going along. Not only that but I have met some absolutely amazing people that are now dear friends. Jasmine has got me addicted to Clubbercise, her energy, passion and positivity (and addiction to neon) just makes you feel at home even if you lose track of the moves half way through, it doesn’t matter because she’s so encouraging. Thank you so much, for the award and bringing me so much fun each week, I can’t express how great the team and classes are, other than saying I genuinely couldn’t be without it!” *sob* Isn’t that lovely! Please join me in congratulating Karen!

Our Classmate of the Month for June was Amanda! Tina nominated Amanda as she always works so hard at our Friday Body Blitz sessions, particularly when Tina brings her boxercise equipment along! She’s so dedicated as well as being so lovely! We love that she loves our workouts!

Our classmate of the month for July is Sally! Sally attends Wednesday evening Zumba and was nominated by Claire for being such an inspirational classmate. Sally has been poorly recently but has continued coming to Zumba whenever she feels well enough, throwing herself into her favourite moves, with such positivity. She’s found exercise has really lifted her mood when she needed it. Keep fighting, Sally, we blooming love you x

We are delighted to announce our Classmates of the Month for August are Jen and Sophia! This is the first time we’ve given the award to 2 people but we chose them both for a very good reason. Jen and Sophia met at one of our Tuesday Pilates classes and have become best mates! They’ve encouraged each other to try different classes and they’re a fab example of how supportive and friendly our classes are. Yes, it can be scary turning up at a new class on your own but chat to the person next to you and you never know, they might just become a new friend.

Our Classmate of the month the September was Joan. Joan attends Wednesday morning Zumba Gold with Claire, who nominated her for extremely regular attendance (she’s hardly missed a session since we started the class!) and always gives it her all with a massive smile on her face! 😁

Congratulations to our Classmate of the Month for October, Lyn! Lyn attends Zumba on a Monday morning in Didcot and Wednesday evening in Steventon. Claire and I decided on Lyn as we’ve noticed her drive and commitment to her fitness. We also, as always, love that she loves our classes!

Congratulations Lyn!

Congratulations to our Classmate of the Month for November - Emma! Emma has been attending Clubbercise on a Wednesday evening with Jasmine for about 6 months now and she loves it! We chose her because she's lost tons of weight but more importantly has gained so much confidence in herself. She said: "when a friend of mine said let's try Clubbercise I was thinking no way I'm far too big and I'm not fit. I would be worrying too much if 1) I couldn't do it and 2) what others think of me. But I bit the bullet and decided to give it a go...I absolutely love it" "Going to Clubbercise every Wednesday... it’s given me so much confidence in myself and my body has changed loads. I would truly be lost without Clubbercise" Please join us in congratulating Emma for her hardcore clubbing and being such an inspiration!

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