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Our latest Newsletter - 26.02.2023

You’ve decided to get fitter (yay!) and we at Gemma Pearce Fitness want to make that choice as easy as possible with a huge range of classes - face to face and online.

Particularly with our online membership, I know that too much choice can be off putting. I’m here to help you drill down and work out exactly what will give you the best energy rush or calming stretch that you need at a particular time.

That’s why we’ve made it as simple as possible for members to access the best classes with our searchable back catalogue and weekly class updates. Even if you don’t know the name of the class, you can simply choose a category from HIIT, Aerobics, Kettlebells, Stretch, Booty Bands, Toning, Abs, Dance, Weights or Boxfit to find something that takes your fancy.

All our members have access to every Fitness class, Mind Body class and Express class. Whether you’re feeling like you want to get out of breath and sweaty or give your body a relaxing stretch, in 40 minutes or 15, there’s over 450 classes to choose from.

So, let’s say, for instance:

· Your neck and shoulders are aching and you’d like to do a Pilates stretch class that gives them some extra attention, simply go to the Mind Body members area on the website and type ‘shoulders’ into the class title box. Four different stretch and Pilates classes are available that focus on shoulders.

· You want to work on your ‘booty’ and firm up your glutes. Go to the Fitness members area on the website and search for ‘glutes’, ‘booty’ or ‘bum’ in the class title box and a range of different classes in the toning and booty band categories will appear.

· Fancy a trip to Latin America but can’t fit that in right now? Visit the Dance category in the Fitness area on the website and type ‘Latin’ into the class title box and you’ll be transported to the streets of Rio with our Latin moves and upbeat music.

· You’ve got 15 minutes before you have to pick the kids up. Visit the 10-15 minute Express members area on the website and take your pick of exercises for toning, flexibility, sweaty, Pilates, dance and loads more!

I send out a reminder to members each week of ‘what’s on’ and some fab recommendations of classes to try.

If you’d like a cheeky discount off your first month in the online membership, just reply to this email and we’ll get you sorted!

Have a great week and see you soon.

Love Gemma x

Our classes this week!

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This Week’s Half Price Bundle: WalkFit

This Bundle contains 4 full length classes which are great for getting your steps in and feeling fitter through walking!

Once you've signed up, you'll get links to all 4 workouts straight away to do anytime.


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