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Our Latest Newsletter - 04.06.2023

Here’s the latest news from Gemma Pearce Fitness!

A Beginners Guide to Gemma Pearce Fitness classes! If you've ever found yourself uncertain about what a particular class entails or where to begin your fitness journey, you're not alone! We get a lot of questions about which class is best for this or what do you do at that, so here is a beginners guide to our face to face classes!

1. Zumba A high impact dance fitness class that uses latin rhythms and easy-to-follow choreography. Routines to salsa, merengue, reggaeton, and other latin tracks as well as some pop songs Suitable for all fitness levels, including beginners, Zumba is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy a high-energy cardio workout while having lots of fun.

2. Zumba Gold Designed for active older adults and beginners, Zumba Gold offers lower impact routines with a lower intensity. Enjoy the same fun dance routines and upbeat music as Zumba, but at a pace that is comfortable and suitable for all ages and abilities. Enhance cardiovascular health, improve coordination, and boost your overall mood in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

3. Pilates A workout that focuses on strengthening the core, increasing flexibility and joint mobility and improving posture. We do talk about breathing and teach you to use your breath to enhance core work and pelvic floor strengthening, but this isn’t the focus of the class, moving your body is. Suitable for all fitness levels, although please contact me in advance if you have a diagnosed back problem.

4. Gentle Pilates A modified version of Pilates, Gentle Pilates caters to those seeking a more gentle and accessible approach to fitness. Perfect for beginners, older people, or those with physical limitations, Gentle Pilates offers low-impact exercises that promote flexibility, balance, and overall well-being. We spend about half the class doing standing Pilates and balance training. We use a chair for support and it’s there to help you get down onto the mat…and up again!

5. Groovelates Toning routines to 70s and 80s music in a core-tastic class! This class works your body top to toe while you sing along to a feel-good, retro, disco sound track. A bit like a Legs Bums and Tums class, the session starts with a standing aerobics warm up then we come down onto the mat to work on the abs, bum and back. You’ll recognise lots of the exercises from Pilates but this class is choreographed and faster paced for a very different sort of workout

6. Gold Aerobics A dynamic aerobic workout specifically designed for active older adults. Fun, simple traditional aerobics routines to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and balance. Great for health and fitness but also for mental health and socialising too! 7. Girls Night Out Choreographed dance fitness class to the best songs from the 90s and 00s... The class is in the dark, with disco lights so don't worry if you feel nervous about trying something new... plus it feels a bit like a girls night night out but you'll be home nice and early!

At Gemma Pearce Fitness, we provide friendly, inclusive dance fitness and Pilates classes around Didcot and Abingdon in Steventon and Chilton. Our classes always aim to be fun, chatty, supportive and I really don’t think that exercise has to be serious to be effective. You may only have 45 minutes to exercise per week and we want that time to be a positive time that you look forward to! So, grab your mat, lace up your trainers and join us! Visit our website or get in touch to find the class schedule and reserve your spot. Have a great week and see you soon! Gemma x


This week’s timetable for pay as you go:


Pilates class places available - starting this week!

Tues 6.30pm Pilates - Chilton FULLY BOOKED Weds 9.30am Gentle Pilates - Abingdon FULLY BOOKED Thurs 11.30am Gentle Pilates - Chilton SPACES AVAILABLE Thurs 7.15pm Pilates - Chilton SPACES AVAILABLE Thurs 8.15pm Pilates - Chilton FULLY BOOKED Fri 11.30am Gentle Pilates - Steventon ONLY 2 SPACES AVAILABLE Fri 1pm Pilates - Steventon SPACES AVAILABLE

Classes are booked in 6 or 7 week terms. We also have a 30 min weekly online Pilates class that can be done anytime - get in touch to find out more.


Don’t forget we have our Bundle offer! 50% off Dance Yourself Happy!

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