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Latest Newsletter - 06.11.2022

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Wow, we’re definitely into the dark cold evenings now, aren’t we! Its dark getting up and dark coming home, and a few people told me that they struggled to get to an evening class this week. I totally get it! BUT I promise you’ll be welcomed and will feel amazing if you make the effort! If driving or walking to the village hall in the dark really isn’t for you, I have a solution! Dark winter evenings are where our online on demand classes really come into their own! We have tons of recorded classes that you can do anytime - first thing, in a spare moment during the day, or when you can’t get out in the evening. You get all the benefits of my face to face classes without having to go out! For my online participants, it’s been eye opening how easy and convenient it is to fit fitness classes into their day. We have so much variety and you can tailor your own weekly programme using the recorded classes on the website. Check out our online classes below or just drop me a message! See you soon, Lots of love Gemma x This Week’s Classes

This Week’s Online Class

Kettlebell Blast

Monday’s live class is available to non-members to book for just £5! Grab your kettlebell, or one heavy weight, and join me live on the website or receive the recording by email. Don’t have a kettlebell? Have a look in Lidl for some low cost 4kg kettlebells. Or use 1 heavy handweight, 1 full bottle of squash or a leftover pumpkin!

Are you following me on Youtube? Check out our new classes from 5 to 15 minutes including: * Latin Aerobics Taster * Cha Cha Cha Aerobics * Simple Cha Cha Cha * Salsacise!

Latest Blog - Latin Aerobics to spice up your workout

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