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Latin Aerobics to spice up your workout!

Updated: May 21, 2023

Autumn is my favourite time of year. But not for the fallen leaves, pumpkins and hot chocolates – no, no, no – it’s because it’s Strictly season!!

As an ex-ballroom dancer, I’m obsessed with the costumes, the makeup and most of all the Latin moves! Dancing was my first love and it has seen me through some tough times, so I absolutely love turning a Cha Cha Cha or a Salsa into an exciting, super-fun aerobics workout for EVERYONE to love too!

Dance is the basis of many of my unique workouts on my YouTube channel and website. It makes perfect sense to me to combine some kicks, a sway of the hips and a few twirls into a routine that is not only great fun but great exercise too.

I've done Jive Aerobics, Salsa Aerobics, Cha Cha Cha Aerobics and many more! I make sure the moves aren’t too complicated and we repeat them throughout the workout so you can pick them up easily and get more involved as you go along.

In my latest ‘Dance Yourself Happy’ series of five quick, fun workouts I take a different Latin dance each time and start simple with the beat and the basic steps. Then we get swept away with the Latin music and imagine we’re in Rio or Havana instead of our front room!

There’s no better workout than dancing – you use every part of your body and you don’t even realise it because you’re enjoying yourself so much. Dancing gets you fit because it:

· Raises your heart rate

· Strengthens your muscles

· Improves your balance and flexibility

· Develops your co-ordination

But almost more important than all of that is how dancing makes you feel! It has a massive impact on your mood, your stress levels, your confidence – and brings some Latin heat into your life! For a few moments you forget all your worries and you’re a Strictly superstar!

I’d love you to share my passion for Latin dance. Find a huge variety of dance fitness classes at Gemma Pearce Fitness and try them out online anywhere, anytime.

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