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Home and Away: short, snappy workouts to fit in anywhere this summer!

The summer holidays are upon us and for some, that means the freedom to do exactly what you want, to be super busy or to do nothing. And for others, it means ‘oh crikey how am I going to entertain the kids for six weeks?’ Whichever camp you fall into, the exercise routine often goes out the window at this time of year!

Does the hotter weather make you feel lethargic and not want to exercise? When I’m on holiday, I like to laze around reading (as much as that’s possible with a four year old!) so for me, getting a quick workout in before the day has properly started (with a bit of help from Disney on the ipad), is ideal. I can then feel justified for a day around the pool with a cocktail or two!

As well as finding it difficult to keep our exercise routine going, it also seems harder to eat healthily when the structure of the day has gone to pot. With less time for food planning and preparation, summer is the time when a tiny piece of ‘me time’ goes a long, long way.

As always, Gemma Pearce Fitness is here to help! This time with Home and Away, our small but mighty little workouts that you can squeeze in at home or take with you on holiday! The bundle of 10-15 minute workouts needs no equipment, you don’t even need to wear trainers or workout kit if you don’t want to/can’t find them!

And it’s not just on holiday when our Home and Away mini workouts are just fab, it’s for those days when you’re dashing around being a taxi service, meeting up with friends and finding exciting places to visit. At either end of the day, a quick 15 minute stretch can set you up a treat or help you relax before bed.

The first in our Home and Away series of workouts are Pilates and Gentle Pilates. All the quick videos can be purchased and downloaded from so they can be taken away with you on your phone or tablet.

Take Gemma Pearce Fitness on holiday with you or use the workouts at home for a little bit of peace and quiet amongst the mayhem!

Enjoy your summer!

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