Bundles of Home Workout Love!

In these strange times, we’re all discovering that we’re a dab hand at making an exercise studio amongst the armchairs, toys, pet beds and kitchen equipment – and we’ve found that we’re amazing at Zoom!

But now more people are returning to work and organising some children going back to school, time is beginning to get a little more squeezed and perhaps exercising has dropped off the end of the ‘to do’ list a couple of times?

Don’t beat yourself up about it, I have another solution and it comes in the form of the Home Workout Club! These are top-notch bundles of 5-10 minute exercise explosions that you fit into the tiniest chink of your day – before everyone else is up or when they’re munching lunch or catching their Netflix favourite!

If Facebook isn’t your thing and you’ve missed our live exercise classes, the Home Workout Club video bundles are delivered all at once to your inbox and you can manage your time to plan in when to do them; one a day or all in one blast.

Perhaps you’re just feeling the urge to get back into a little exercise after a long spell away and aren’t ready to share your experience with others yet. I have put together a Gentle Exercise bundle, a Beginner’s Pilates bundle (this is 4 x 40 mins to get you properly started) and a Beginner’s Guide to Weights bundle. If Kettlebells are the love of your life, there’s a bundle for you and there’s also a bundle of Body Blitz or Dance Fitness – in fact there’s 10 bundles to choose from!

It’s all about flexibility and doing an exercise that you enjoy that can fit into your lifestyle, you can even use these video bundles as a top-up to the other classes you do with Gemma Pearce Fitness.

Whether you’re a complete beginner and class yourself as an exercise-hater or you’re just struggling to fit your regular online class in to your day, the Home Workout Club bundles could be perfect for you. There are low and high impact options of all the moves to choose from as you go along and they’re all filmed with fun and encouragement from my home to yours!

Check out the Home Workout Club bundles on the website and get in touch if you’d like a discount to order more than one.


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