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New to us? It's ok to be nervous!

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

So many people contact me wanting to start a class but tell me they're nervous about coming along.

Doing something for the first time is scary! For some, it could be because they'll be in the company of strangers. For others, it's because they feel self conscious about their bodies or fitness levels. Then there are worries about what to wear, where to go, what if this happens or that happens... etc!

It's totally understandable that starting a new fitness is nerve wracking!

My biggest tip is to come and see us online! I post photos from our classes most weeks on our Facebook page and Instagram page - you'll see that people look just like you! You'll also see what we wear. We also have a Facebook group - why not introduce yourself and let us know which class you'll be trying? You might just find someone who's planning on being there too!

Other tips are:

- Arrive early - get there in time to find the venue, meet our friendly instructors, fill in a registration form and get ready to begin

- bring a friend, neighbour, family member or work colleague to help ease your nerves at the first class

- realise that everyone is there for their own workout, not to watch what you're doing!

- introduce yourself to others, particularly others that are on their own

- have fun and enjoy yourself!

We love fitness, but most of all we love group fitness! It can build friendships, drive us to do our best, hold us accountable, increase our sense of community and produce mood enhancing endorphins!

If you need help or guidance with which class is for you, please get in touch and we can discuss the best option to get you started 😊

Gemma x

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