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Invest in yourself

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

As we get older (surely not!), the phrase ‘Invest in the one thing you’ll have for your whole life – your body’, resonates more and more. We realise that our health is one of the most important elements of our wellbeing. It makes sense to invest in ourselves so that we can live life to the full for longer.

There are so many healthy choices to make out there that deciding where to invest our time and money on ourselves shouldn’t be difficult, but as we get older, the unhealthy habits are harder to break and the demands on our time seem to be overwhelming.

That’s why I believe that booking a course of fitness classes is a great first step in showing your commitment to yourself – you’re making a statement that for one or two or three hours a week you put yourself first. You organise the childcare, the work commitments and the meals in order to give yourself that investment – and it’s nothing more than you deserve!

Some classes at Gemma Pearce Fitness are bookable in a six week block whilst other classes like Zumba and Zumba Gold can be booked individually but up to a month in advance. Along with making the investment in yourself, these classes really work well as a series because the content builds through the weeks to give the best improvements.

Here are more ways to invest in your health:

1. Clever eating – we all know that what we eat has a huge impact on our health. Give yourself the best chance of staying healthy by making sensible food choices, giving your body the best fuel for it to run the most efficiently.

2. The big sleep – creating regular sleeping habits (aim for 7-9 hours a night) helps to keep your mind and body in tip top condition. Stimulants like coffee and light from electronic devices interfere with our natural sleep cycle along with work schedules and stress.

3. Prevention better than cure – it’s also more effective and cheaper! A regular back massage for your nagging aches or a trip to the podiatrist for some foot care is far better than leaving niggles for too long (see the guest blog on this by Claire).

4. Less alcohol, more water – along with eating a balanced diet, cutting down on alcohol has massive benefits to our liver, our waistline and overall health. Try introducing alcohol-free days into your week and remember that drinking plenty of water can combat fatigue, dry skin and weight gain.

5. Be sociable – spending time with friends gives our health and wellbeing a big boost, providing support when you’re down and sharing a great belly laugh when you’re up. Happy people tend to be healthy people so if you can manage your stress levels, support your friends and do some good around you, that’s a great start!

As well as creating a healthier body that suffers less from serious medical issues in the future, exercise also has a huge impact on our mental health and emotional wellbeing. Only you can make the choice to invest in yourself and make great lifestyle choices and there is plenty of support out there for you.

Find out more about the friendly exercise classes at Gemma Pearce Fitness and browse our other blogs for motivation and inspiration if you’re ready to invest in yourself.

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