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Starting a new fitness regime?

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Starting a new exercise plan requires time and patience. Increased fitness and a toned shape can’t be achieved overnight. Muscle soreness or even an injury can sometimes happen when starting out on a new programme – causing pain and frustration and putting us off almost before we’ve begun. But many of the common mistakes that people make when starting out can be easily avoided.

Too much, too soon

Your first week of workouts goes well, that doesn’t mean you should do loads more in week two. A slow build up from one week to the next is good in your training plan but getting overzealous about adding mileage, reps or weights can be a recipe for disaster. Give yourself plenty of time to achieve your goal, moderate progress and regular rest days will get you there and help you stay there.

Body, I’m not listening

Many people don’t listen to their body (or ignore what they hear). Some soreness and discomfort is normal at the start of a new training plan, but real pain is not. If you ignore the messages your body is sending, you’re more likely to end up with an injury that could put you out for weeks. So don’t ‘push through the pain’, listen to your body and act on what it’s saying.

Warm-up, what warm-up?

Warming up prepares your body for exercise, getting the heart pumping and helping to prevent injury. Many people want to get straight into the exercise and think they don’t have time to warm up. But a good warm-up doesn’t have to be inconvenient – it’s just some light activity that gets you a bit sweaty like brisk walking, arm circles, marching on the spot, shoulder shrugs, squats, etc.

The wrong kit

You don’t need to be kitted out in head to toe Lycra and £200 trainers for your exercise but what you should spend a little time and money on is getting a good sports bra and trainers. Getting the best fit trainers for your type of exercise won’t get you fitter but it will help you avoid injury and discomfort. Let your feet guide you in your shoe selection – comfort is key – and make sure you replace your trainers regularly.

Going it alone

There’s nothing better than sharing your goals to make them happen. If you know what you want to achieve but aren’t sure how to get there, a qualified fitness instructor offers invaluable support on proper technique to avoid injury and keeps track of your progress. Joining a class and exercising with others is also hugely motivating and makes fitness fun!

So, my advice would be to keep your exercise varied, whatever works for you – dance, swim, run and stretch with lots of support from others – YOU WILL HIT YOUR TARGETS! Come and join us at

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