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Let’s go to the Barre

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Next time your friends say ‘meet you at the bar’, they may not be inviting you for a drink! As the popularity of Barre workouts increases, Gemma Pearce Fitness offers a class in this great new style workout. So what’s it all about?

Barre is a modern take on classic ballet training, combining strength and cardio work. The workout builds core strength and tones postural muscles to lengthen and sculpt the whole body.

Here’s what we love about Barre:

1. The burn behind the beautiful

Using high reps within a small range of movements you’ll notice a difference, but don’t underestimate the burn! As the workout concentrates on common ‘problem areas’ like legs, bum, arms and tummy, you will start to see results quickly. The continuous muscle engagement through high reps tones rather than builds big muscles. Think long, lean and strong physique rather than bodybuilder physique!

2. Low impact, high fun

If jumping around in an exercise class is not your thing, Barre is a great alternative, helping to improve flexibility, balance and range of movement. There is much less impact on your joints so you’re unlikely to suffer an injury. The movements can be adapted to make them easier or more challenging so you train at your own pace.

3. Positive vibes

Barre has a very positive feel, we use modern music so it’s not all serious classical ballet but you still get the same benefits as real ballerinas with great posture and graceful movement! With hundreds of different exercises, there is never a dull moment – we keep your brain on its toes too! Plus the low impact style means you don’t get too sweaty and there’s no need for trainers as we work out in socks.

4. Complementing the cardio

Because Barre combines strength and cardio work, you’re burning fat and building muscle at the same time. A strengthening Barre workout is the perfect complement to other cardio fitness you may do (running, HIIT training, etc.) Muscle and bone strengthening and balance activities are vital for our health and wellbeing.

If you’d like to try out Barre via our group on Facebook, visit

to find out more. See you at the Barre soon!

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