You don’t need to be an Olympian to benefit from sports massage

Our inspirational instructor and Zumba Queen, Claire Routledge, has another super talent to shout about – she is a fully trained Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist. I asked Claire to write a guest blog for us about sports injuries and how her new service is perfect for Gemma Pearce Fitness class goers. Take it away Claire...

"Thanks Gemma. The first thing I want to do is a bit of myth-busting: sports massage isn’t just for sports people and it isn’t just for big A&E injuries! A sports massage is a step up from a massage you’d get at a relaxation spa and ‘remedial’ means it’s about getting people back to being pain-free and feeling their best.

I decided to take on this new career after leaving the Police Force and I trained with the Cotswold Academy where I studied anatomy and physiology, submitted assignments and case studies (in fact Gemma was one of my excellent guinea pigs!) I am now the proud holder of a Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage and a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

On my course I learnt about how our muscles work and how they interact with our joints and connect with our tendons and ligaments. As a sports massage therapist, my job is to understand the person, their situation and ask/answer the question ‘are you moving poorly because of your pain or are you in pain because you’re moving poorly’.

The typical aches and pains I see in clients are lower back, shoulder and posture-related issues from sitting too long at a desk or stressful jobs and also repetitive, over-use strains and injuries that tradespeople or golfers may suffer from.

I’m a firm believer that if you address a niggling ache or pain and get it seen to, you will help to maintain strong muscles and a full range of movement. Gemma and a few others have a regular massage as a ‘muscle MOT’ to nip in the bud any little issues before they grow into a problem area. In any walk of life, you shouldn’t ignore those aches and pains as they may lead to something more serious.

As with all good therapists, I’m constantly learning new techniques to help my clients and recently I tackled Myofascial Cupping which reduces tight knots, increases blood flow and tissue repair. And this autumn I’ll be learning about Kinesiology and Sports Taping to be able to offer an extra dimension of remediation to my clients.

If you do suffer from a serious injury through sport or an accident at home, I can also introduce massage as part of your treatment after the acute phase of the injury has passed. Sports massage at this stage helps to repair and remodel the muscles and reduce scar tissue forming.

As a special offer to the lovely people who attend Gemma Pearce Fitness classes, I offer a discount of 10% on a sports massage session.

So please don’t be nervous, it won’t hurt (not too much anyway!) and I’d love to sort out those aches and pains that you’ve been ignoring for too long. Get in touch with me by email on I look forward to seeing you soon"

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