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Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Quite often in Pilates, people tell me that they've got cramp in their feet or legs. It's painful and can stop you doing the exercises... and sometimes the facial expressions are quite interesting to watch!

So, why does it happen? There are four main reasons:

1. Dehydration.

2. Your foot muscles are not as strong as they need to be - Pilates exercises can be hard work for feet, as well as the core!

3. Perhaps you are overly pointing or flexing your feet during the exercises? Try to lengthen from the ankle rather than from the toes, even when pointing the toes.

4. Do you have fallen arches? Wearing high heels can make this problem worse and it might be a good idea to walk around barefoot (around the house!) or do some foot strengthening exercises. Ask me about using tennis balls to strengthen your feet!

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