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How to get your steps in at home at 65+

What is WalkFit? WalkFit is a low impact, high intensity exercise class suitable for everyone.

I started teaching this class online during lockdown as many people wanted to maintain a certain number of steps per day on their smart watch but weren’t able to do as many as they’d like on their daily walk.

I put together a simple aerobics class based on the march, using just a small space in your living room. I know, I know, it sounds boring! But I designed routines with marching in all different directions and with all sorts of fun arms too.

Not only did we find that we were taking 2 – 3000 steps in a short class but also that it was perfect for everyone, even those with complex health issues.

Although this is low impact, intensity is increased with the fun arm movements and you’ll get your steps in and really improve your cardiovascular fitness.

If you’d like to try my Retired & Fitter cardio class, WalkFit, then comment below for a free class.

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