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How does Arthritis in the wrists affect Pilates and what can you do to help?

Arthritis in the wrists can make it difficult to perform certain Pilates exercises that require wrist mobility and strength. However, there are modifications and adaptations that can be made to help alleviate pain and discomfort in the wrists. Here are some tips on how to modify Pilates exercises for arthritis in the wrists:

Use props: Props such as blocks, towels, or wrist wraps can be used to support the wrists and reduce pain during exercises that require weight bearing on the hands.

Avoid excessive wrist extension: Some Pilates exercises require a lot of wrist extension, which can exacerbate arthritis symptoms. Modifications such as performing exercises on the forearms or fists can help reduce wrist extension.

Focus on forearm and shoulder strength: Strengthening the muscles in the forearms and shoulders can help alleviate stress on the wrists. Exercises such as forearm planks or shoulder bridges can be helpful.

Use lighter weights: If using weights, use lighter weights or resistance bands to reduce stress on the wrists.

And of course you should always work with a qualified instructor who is knowledgeable and experienced in modifying exercises for arthritis.

**Exercise for Arthritis week starts on 15th May!

You get: 5 classes over the course of the week that are designed especially for people with arthritis

Classes are LIVE and RECORDED and will be housed on my website with anytime access:

Recording available when you sign up - Pilates for Arthritis – 30 minute class

Monday 15th May 9.30am Pilates Joint Mobiliser – 30 minute class

Tuesday 16th May 9.30am Lift IIT – low impact fitness intervals – 30 minute class

Thursday 18th May 9.30am Pilates for Arthritis 2 – 30 minute class

Bonus – Mobility for Arthritis – 15 minute class

Recordings available, with unlimited access, for all classes so you don’t HAVE to join me live if it’s not convenient.

£20, reduced to £15 if you sign up by Friday 12th May at 11pm.

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