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7 Day Upper Body Blitz

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Are your upper arms, shoulders and back ready to see the light of day? Lots of women tell me that their upper arms, shoulders and back are a ‘problem area’ of their body.

Do you reach for a sleeved top rather than bare your upper arms?

Would you like to build your confidence for a holiday or wedding this summer?

Or perhaps you sit at a desk for hours and suffer from neck or shoulder pain or persistent headaches?

Strengthening your upper arms, back and chest can also really help with posture. Good posture alleviates the tension in your neck, elongates your spine and can reduce tension headaches.

We have the answer in the form of seven 5 - 10 minute Upper Body Blitz Challenge videos that are delivered direct to your mailbox every day.

You can take on this brand new Challenge in your own home at a time to suit you and start seeing the results in just a few weeks.

These workouts are PERFECT if you are looking to tone up but you:

- are super busy - Can’t get to the gym. - Can’t get to a class you really enjoy. - Have a gym membership but don’t have time to go. - Get bored with workouts quickly.

Abbie, our Super Saturday Calorie Burner Queen is featured in the daily videos that tackle those bingo wings, upper back wobbles and missing biceps – replacing them with shapely, toned, strong arms that you’ll want to show off all summer long!

In the fun, relaxed videos, we take you through exercises specifically for arms like tricep dips, push-ups and bicep curls.

Some of the exercises use weights – small hand weights are ideal but it you don’t have them, bottles of water or cans of beans work just as well. The videos are easy to follow and take just 10 minutes a day to complete and once you’ve bought the Upper Body Blitz 7 Day Challenge, it’s yours for good - you have unlimited access to the videos anytime, anywhere on your phone, tablet or computer.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to sign up for the 7 day Upper Body Blitz now.

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