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Challenges - small steps to big changes

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

I love hearing about how Claire’s and my sweaty faces, jazzy leggings and bad jokes worm their way into your homes via your phone, tablet or laptop! It’s such a privilege to know that we’re part of your lives and have at least a small impact on how you’re feeling.

We know that motivation ebbs and flows along with the stresses of everyday life and it’s so great to hear from people who’ve been absent for a while but are determined to squeeze a little bit of exercise back into their day to feel better physically and mentally.

I love our 5 day challenges – I get the chance to design quick 15 minute workouts for each day! At just £10, it’s a quick and inexpensive way to try something new and get a little bit of fun exercise into your week. Some people like to take a break with a quick daily workout, others like to mash them all together to make a longer workout – we don’t mind either way, as long as you enjoy yourself and get sweaty!

Just a quickie

The 5 Day Challenges gives you the chance to try different styles of exercise within a certain genre and with just 15 minutes required per day, it’s so accessible that lots of people will try it out during their lunchbreak, first thing in the morning or in the evening – there’s really no reason not to have a go.

Suck it and see

I feel like we’ve all been more open to trying new exercise styles during the pandemic – it relieved the boredom of lockdown for one thing! And that’s the beauty of online exercise – there is so much choice and no judging so you can have a go at something you might never attend in person.

Support network

The way you check in and let us know how you’re doing, what exercise you’ve tried, what challenges you face and what aches afterwards(!) is so important for your motivation and of course it helps others in the group to see that we’re all feeling the same way and grappling with similar issues.

Sharing your workouts also helps us to stay accountable when the motivation is waning and it’s great that some of you group together to do classes at the same time (live or on catch-up) or to go for a walk together, so those friendships that are made through exercise are obviously long-lasting and important!

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Join our next challenge - Aerobics for Everyone
Starts Monday 19th Apr. Join here.

All low impact routines (no jogging or jumping) suitable for complete beginners or those who haven't exercised for a while. Simple aerobics and easy to follow dance inspired classes.

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