So what should you look for in a post natal fitness class?

So what should you look for in a post natal fitness class?

  • a thorough screening, that includes questions about your birth, (how you gave birth, complications, pelvic floor issues)

  • a check of your tummy muscles to see if you have a separation at the midline (this is called Diastasis Recti). This allows your instructor to adapt the workout to suit you.

  • sensitivity towards the fact that you may well be VERY sleep deprived, that your mood may be low and that you need to gain energy from your workout, not feel totally depleted.

  • A class designed to give you energy, work your body, incorporate functional movements that are useful for your job as a mum (reaching, lunging, squatting, pushing, pulling), give you mobilisations and stretches that address common postnatal postural issues.

  • Raise your heart rate without allowing you to wet your knickers!! (NB if all the other points have been ticked and that still happens, don’t stay quiet about it – let your instructor know (fine to do that in private, or not - your choice) and seek help via your GP, Women’s Health Physiotherapist or pelvic floor exercise specialist)

  • Work your core FUNCTIONALLY

Things you should NEVER find at a post natal exercise class:

  • A high impact warm up. In fact, large amounts of high impact anything (jumps, sprints, full burpees)

  • ‘Old school’ abdominal work (crunches, oblique twists, full planks)

  • Blank looks on questions around tummy gaps, pelvic floor issues

  • No screening

  • Any exercise that makes your tummy bulge or pelvic floor leak or feel heavy

As I'm sure you've guessed you won't find any of the second list at Buggyfit Didcot & Wantage! And I pride myself on offering everything on the first list! Please do keep an open dialogue with me on any issues that bother you - I'd like to think I'm friendly and approachable. And if there's anything I can't answer, I'll always refer you to someone that can. Post natal exercise is perfectly safe if done properly. Buggyfit Didcot & Wantage will always be at the right level for you, at whatever your stage of post natal recovery.

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