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Updated: Aug 31, 2021

I'm often asked whether your can continue to exercise during pregnancy, so I thought I would write this blog as there are so many conflicting messages out there!

Firstly, when should you tell me that you're expecting? As soon as you know! I'm often told news about pregnancies even before friends and family and I'll always keep a confidence until I'm told otherwise!

As a general rule, it’s absolutely fine to continue to exercise throughout a "normal" pregnancy, however it is not advisable to start something new, unless it is specifically designed for pregnant women.

Of course, your doctor, midwife or health professional should be informed of what exercise you are doing or planning to do and keep them updated about how you are feeling during the workout. They may have specific advice or advise you at what stage of your pregnancy you need to stop.

There are a couple of things to bear in mind (listed below), but in general exercise is to be encouraged in a healthy pregnancy. You'll limit weight gain, reduce back pain and maintain stable blood pressure. Other advantages include feeling more energised, less stressed and sleeping better. Also, because of taking positive steps to exercise during pregnancy, your return to exercise after birth will be quicker and easier.

Bear in mind these modifications to ensure that exercise during pregnancy is safe and beneficial:

- you may find that you get hot quicker than you normally would, so drink more water, modify the intensity of the moves and take longer breaks whenever you need to.

- take the low impact options given (e.g. march instead of jump)

- stop immediately if you feel dizzy or sick

- be aware that hormones released during pregnancy can loosen up your joints, especially in the hip and pelvis area so don't be too aggressive with your stretches!

- if you are already attending Pilates classes before your pregnancy, you can continue until 12 - 16 weeks. After that, a specific Pre-natal Pilates class is recommended.

- Body Blitz classes are not recommended during pregnancy

- Zumba can be continued throughout your pregnancy, avoiding any abdominal crunch movements. Take consideration of the fact that your range of movement will be affected as your bump grows and your centre of gravity changes, but feel free to modify each move as you wish.

In a "normal" pregnancy, the benefits of exercise outweigh the risks, if sensible precautions are taken. Listen to your body and do what feels right for you.

If you have any questions, please do get into contact at any time.

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