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Exercising in the ‘great’ British Summer

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

These longer, lighter evenings are perfect for making a change to your exercise routine and getting fit out in the fresh air. So if you struggle with commitment at the gym or fancy trying something different, enjoying an outdoor workout has some great additional benefits:

1. Outdoor workouts are mood-enhancing

We already know that the oxygen in fresh air helps to release more serotonin, the feel-good chemical in our brain and that spending time outdoors is a great stress buster. So it stands to reason that outdoor training keeps you fit, healthy AND enhances your mood too.

2. Outside conditions = more calories burnt

The uneven ground means your body has to work that little bit harder to do exercises outside and there is also resistance from the wind to work against so you burn more calories without realising it.

3. There’s always something new to look at

Being out in the park or running through the woods is a great way to take in new scenery. If you’re less bored, you’re more likely to keep going and exercise for longer, enjoying the countryside or cityscape even more... and you might even come across a hedgehog as we did this week! We run outdoor classes every summer - get in touch for more information.

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