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You’re ‘beach ready’ just as you are!

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Fitness goals are good but it makes me sad to hear people beating themselves up about getting ‘summer body’ ready or ‘bikini fit’ – I like to concentrate much more on healthy exercise goals where you FEEL better – and you’ll look better as a by-product because your confidence will be higher.

Feel Good, Look Good

But of course there are events and holidays in the summer that we want to look our best for. In fact, Lucy and I have just come back from a wedding in Cyprus and I’d be lying if I wasn’t a little concerned about how I’ll look in my bridesmaid dress, especially 9 months post-baby! Although there are parts of my body that aren’t quite where I’d like them to be, I am extremely happy with the progress I’ve made since Lucy was born and I feel fit, healthy and happy, this gives me the strength to brush aside those niggling worries of a bingo wing or a muffin top!

Ignore the Hype

We are bombarded with ‘Summer Body’ DVDs and ‘Body Plan’ posters at this time of year which are unrealistic and set you up to fail from day one. If you enjoy your exercise and have made good progress since you started – you’re beach ready – simple! I believe it’s more important to be able to walk up a hill without getting breathless on holiday than squeeze into a size 8 bikini.

Fresh Summer Produce

Let’s be more realistic with our goals – forget the diet fads and simply lose a little weight by eating more healthily so that you have more energy and feel more confident in your clothes. Developing small habits can add up to big changes over time but make sure new changes you introduce easily fit into your family and work commitments or you won’t be able to stick with them.

The secret to success

As everyone knows (but we all need reminding at times) there’s no reliable method for achieving your dream body overnight. Everyone can get fitter and more toned but it takes time and commitment – not just a desperate fortnight spent doing squats. Whatever workout you do, weight loss comes down to taking in fewer calories than you burn off and muscle building comes down to fatiguing a muscle and allowing it adequate recovery time.

So have patience, stick at it and be happy with whatever body you have this summer! If you do – I promise I will too!

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