Why we love Zumba Gold!

Today we thought we’d reveal our shared love of Zumba Gold.

Zumba has become one of the most popular ways for people to get fit, stay healthy and have fabulous fun! Zumba Gold is perfect for older people who have a love of dance and music and aren’t ready to hang up their trainers yet. Zumba Gold uses the same Zumba moves at a lower intensity but it still gets you sweaty with your heart pumping to the Latin beats of salsa, samba, mambo, cha cha and lots more. One thing’s for sure – slow and boring it ain’t!!

Like Zumba participants, our Zumba Gold fanatics love that the aerobic workout feels more like a social dance party with health and fitness as a great side effect! Here’s what else our ‘golden girls’ love about Zumba Gold:

Completely fun and friendly It doesn’t matter how good a mover you are or what you look like – everyone is concentrating on the steps and having a good time. You get a great sense of achievement when you master the moves but until you do, the instructors will help. We all support each other and have a giggle, making friends as we get stuck in!

Work that heart muscle

As we get older it’s vital to keep our heart and vascular system healthy. Getting active at Zumba Gold can help to lower blood pressure, prevent heart problems and stroke and improve healthy cholesterol levels.

Posture, balance and flexibility

Zumba Gold is designed especially to focus on muscle conditioning, flexibility and balance. Building muscle power is really important in older age to combat falls and loss of strength whilst balance and flexibility are also tricky to maintain. Zumba Gold improves all of this without feeling like it’s a chore.

Shed a few pounds

Along with a balanced, healthy diet, Zumba Gold can help you lose weight, so if you’ve been feeling rather sedentary and adding a few inches to the waistline, it’s time to burn those excess calories. Look great, feel great – right?!

Living our best life

Loneliness, loss of independence and self-esteem can creep up on us as we get older. Ladies at Zumba Gold report feeling new levels of confidence and independence, with a purposeful ‘me time’ place in the diary every week. Plus, learning those new steps exercises the brain as well as the body!

At Gemma Pearce Fitness, you can find Zumba Gold classes on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday across South Oxfordshire. So why not come and enjoy a dance fitness class that’s designed especially for older adults, Zumba beginners or people who prefer a slightly less intense workout.

Find out more at www.gemmapearcefitness.co.uk/timetable

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