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Pilates is a must for runners (and non-runners!)

Many people turned to running during the past year, as a way of getting out of the house and getting fit in the fresh air.

Lots of people who hadn’t run for years or thought they really weren’t suited to running, started to appreciate the fitness and the mental health benefits – feeling calmer and more positive, and able to face the big challenges we’ve all been up against lately.

I’m not quite in the ‘non-runner’ camp but I do like a short run with fabulous music and perfect weather!

The beauty of running is that there’s always a Pilates stretch on hand at Gemma Pearce Fitness to help with any aches and pains or even to make you a better runner.

Running is great for improving cardiovascular fitness and toning muscles, but being a high impact sport, it puts a lot of stress on our joints, so strains and injuries are common. Pilates compliments running as it helps to strengthen the core stabilising muscles. Our core is more wide-ranging than just the abdominal muscles, it covers the hips, back, shoulders and neck too, all of which are important for good running posture.

But there is even more to Pilates than core strength for runners:

1. Mobility

Good mobility, especially around the hips, is really important for a runner’s gait. Pilates can lengthen muscles around the joints to help with stride length and a more fluid running style.

2. Breathing

Control of our breathing is a big part of Pilates and this can translate into running, allowing the diaphragm to open up properly – getting more oxygen to the muscles that need it most and holding back fatigue for longer.

3. Performance

Running efficiency and gait can be improved with Pilates as you become more aware of how your body is working and can target any weaknesses that are holding you back.

4. Injury & Recovery

As with everything, prevention is better than cure and Pilates can certainly help by correcting imbalances that increase your risk of injury. Pilates is also really useful as part of the recovery process by increasing blood flow to sore, tight areas and helping to lengthen shortened muscles.

So, whether you’re pounding the pavements in all weathers or you’re a fair weather runner like me, make sure you balance your exercise with a Pilates session.

Take a look at our Mind Body membership for our convenient, recorded Pilates classes you can do at home in your own time or take a look at our face to face Pilates class timetable if you prefer routine and exercising in a group.

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