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Latest Newsletter - 23.10.2022

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend!

Today I’ve been on a “Pure Stretch” training course in Bristol, learning more about muscles, adaptations, plus Autogenic Inhibition and Golgi Tendon Organs... I know, me neither!

I got my first teaching certificate in 2005 and I’ve never stopped learning since. However going on weekend courses whether online or face to face since having Lucy has been tricky. Luckily this course came up in Bristol so Lucy spent the day with my brother who lives there.

For those of you without school age children, next week is half term and the only classes running this week are on Wednesday evening. Join me for Zumba at 8pm and/or try our brand new class Groovelates for free (you’ll still need to book a place though).

What is Groovelates?

It’s basically where disco meets Pilates! It’s the perfect blend of a core workout and funky, feel good vibes. You’ll work your body top to toe whilst shaking your booty and grooving along to a feel-good, retro, disco sound track from the 70s & 80’s. With a similar feel to Body Balance, each session starts with standing, core and balance work with choreographed tracks to shape, tone and sculpt. We then move down to the floor to work on the abs, bum and back, topped off with relaxing stretches and releases.

Perfect if you love dance and Pilates!

You will need to bring a mat.

Join me for a 30 minute taster class this Wednesday at 7.15pm by reserving your FREE session (will normally be a 45 min class starting at 7pm)

BeginFit New online programme for beginners starting on Monday 31st October

Perfect for you if:

  • You’ve had a break from fitness

  • You keep meaning to restart but don’t have the time

  • Life keeps getting in the way of your fitness plans

  • You’re worried a full face to face class might be too much

  • You’re not sure how to get started?

Join me for 6 workouts over 2 weeks - do the workouts in your own time or schedule them using my handy dandy calendar to keep you motivated! Just click and play when you’re ready! These workouts are all on my website so you don’t need social media accounts. All workouts are 15–30 mins and no equipment is required. Suitable for all. £30 for all 6 workouts, reduced to £22 if you sign up before 28th October

Looking for some new workout gear? Here are some money-off codes:

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