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How does my posture affect my balance?

Updated: 1 day ago

Have you found that it’s harder to stay upright when your posture is out of alignment? Our core muscles are so important for keeping us standing tall without stooping or leaning sideways, arching our back or tensing our shoulders. That’s why it’s super-important to be mindful of our posture and work on our muscle strength.

Postural imbalance happens when opposite muscles don’t have equal strength or flexibility. Muscles mostly work in pairs, contracting and relaxing to move that part of the body. When the muscles become over or under-active (shorter or longer), it causes an imbalance that shows in a wonky sitting, walking or standing position. And that can cause discomfort and pain over time. Here are my top five tips for helping you keep in perfect postural balance: 1. Sit up straight Many of our head, neck and back problems are caused by sitting for too long and slouching in our chairs, whether at a desk or on the sofa. Try to straighten your spine and pull your shoulders back. Also set a timer to get up every 30 minutes for a walk about. 2. Stand up tall The same applies to standing, keep your posture upright and your hips aligned as they can cause more lower back pain when pushed forwards. When bending and lifting things, don’t forget to ‘bend ze knees’ and keep your back straight so the weight is more evenly distributed. 3. Don’t give in to the dominant side We all have a weaker and stronger side when carrying out tasks and we tend to favour our stronger side. Try to use the less dominant side to strengthen it and ease the load on the dominant side. It can be hard to undo a habit and requires a conscious thought when you move. 4. Avoid the dreaded ‘text neck’ It’s hard to avoid looking down at our phone or a book but this is putting enormous strain on our neck and shoulders. Try to bring the phone or book up to eye level.


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