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Dance your cares away

Dancing is not just great for our heart, bones and muscles, it’s also a fabulous stress-buster.

Like all exercise, dancing releases those marvellous endorphins, the “happy” chemicals, to make us feel great. So if you can’t face serious exercise, just crank up the tunes and move your body to relieve stress and ‘dance your cares away’! Dancing on your own is actually really beneficial as it removes the worry of what others will think of you, our brains are not trying to mirror anyone else.

We all suffer from stress and worry from time to time (or unfortunately on a daily basis) and

it might not be possible to get rid of all stresses but there are ways to cope with it – dance for one thing!

Dance is used as therapy as it is recognised that some emotions and trauma are stored within the body and cannot be expressed verbally. Dance therapy has been used to

prevent disease, reduce stress, treat pain, PTSD and behavioural issues. Focusing on what our body is telling us through movement helps us to process what’s locked up inside and release the tension.

Dancing has also been shown to improve insomnia and tiredness, which themselves can lead to anxiety. You can see the benefits if you shimmy around the living room for just ten minutes a day. Even one session of grooving to music is enough to release mood-boosting endorphins chemicals and reduce feeling of depression.

Dance is fun!

It’s an energising way to reduce stress and relieve the tension in our bodies. We can dance out anger and frustration to a banging rock tune or feel calm and relaxed with a gentle piece of classical music.

Dance as a distraction

Moving to music takes us to a different place and by concentrating on something other than what’s bothering us, it improves our mood and eases tension, as well as improving our focus. It also challenges our brain to learn something new.

Dance is creative

If we’re feeling downtrodden at home or unfulfilled at work, dance gives us a creative outlet to express ourselves, getting our body and mind to work together to let all the worry out.

Meet new dance friends

Our Gemma Pearce Fitness classes are full of people feeling similar stress with modern life

just like you. Meeting like-minded people for an hour of fun, friendly jigging about does

wonders for your wellbeing.

Dance is for everyone!

There is nobody that cannot dance. It just doesn’t matter if you can’t keep to the beat or co-ordinate your left and right. No matter your age or ability, dancing makes you feel good and helps to reduce your stress levels.

Whatever style of dance movement you choose, it’s all good. Why not check out our Zumba, Zumba Gold and Dance HIIT classes around Didcot and Abingdon?

Or our online Dance Aerobics and Strictly Fit classes?

Find out more at

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