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The Gemma Pearce Fitness Gift Guide!

Have people started asking you what you’d like for Christmas?

Are you difficult to buy for?

Fed up of getting smellies?

Here is the Gemma Pearce Fitness Gift Gulde for you to share with your nearest and dearest – feel free to pass it on!

If you’re a class regular or planning to be in 2024, why not ask for a gift voucher for next year’s classes? Grab a voucher by emailing Nikki at and we can arrange a gift certificate that can be printed out. Vouchers come in any denomination you choose or we can help cost up face to face or online courses if you have something more specific in mind.

Or maybe you’d like to upgrade your class essentials –

You might need a new mat -

A Pilates mini ball –

Pilates socks –

Or maybe you fancy some new workout gear – suggest a voucher for Decathlon, Sweaty Betty or good old Marks & Spencers!

So make sure you get something useful this Christmas and pass this list on!

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