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Pilates – the reset your body needs

Imagine your body moving well and facing every walk, housework or gardening task without

a groan?

I firmly believe that this day is possible – with the help of Pilates!

Our everyday lives are full of stresses and strains on the body; how we sit and stand when

we’re working or relaxing or how we’re so focussed on the task at hand that we forget

about our posture. Pilates puts us back on track and can reset the damage we’re doing to

our body, helping us to become the fittest we can be.

The more we do Pilates, the more our body is reminded what good posture, a lengthened

spine and engaged tummy muscles feel like. They work to support everyday movement

without much thought, putting less strain on our lower back, more strength in the neck and

shoulders and releasing tension.

The non-impact nature of Pilates exercises emphasises joint stability and flexibility,

activating the core muscles of the back and tummy and building strength in our body that

helps to maintain a connection between mind and body, to reset our posture and feel great.

With Pilates, we feel fitter, we move more freely, we feel taller and stronger and have more

energy to tackle every daily task.

One of the main reasons we don’t exercise is because we feel low in energy – made worse

by our daily movement patterns and poor posture. We are constantly slouching when we’re

at work, watching TV or washing up and it’s putting tension and stress on our spine. This

then makes ordinary movements more difficult, we lose even more energy and have no

motivation to make things better.

Pilates exercises create an amazing support system that constantly reminds our body of

good posture and body alignment, especially as we get older, resetting all the bad habits we

pick up. Pilates is also a wonderful support for other exercises like running as it can reset

some of the additional strain on our body.

To develop a healthy awareness of how your body moves best for everyday life, why not try

an online Pilates session in the comfort of your own home or visit a friendly Gemma Pearce

Fitness class in Abingdon, Steventon or Chilton?

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