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Our Latest Newsletter - 05.02.2023

What equipment do I need for Pilates?

This is one of the most common questions that I’m asked. The simple answer is ‘nothing really’ but to aid your comfort and help you get the most out of a face-to-face class or a home workout, here are a few things that I would recommend:


To be honest, a thick carpet is perfectly adequate if you’re exercising at home but on a hard floor, a non-slip mat is helpful. I’ve tried out lots of mats, from thin to thick and I prefer a chunky mat (8mm or thicker). Standard yoga mats can be bit thin for Pilates where softer padding is needed especially when lying on your tummy. I really like this mat and it comes in lots of vibrant colours!


Bare feet are generally perfect for Pilates but it’s cold at this time of year! Although not essential, Pilates socks can help you stay warm and have a good grip on your mat if you find normal socks too slidey -


If you find you need something under your head, knees or hips, feel free to bring a cushion from home to a class, or use a folded towel or jumper. You may wish to try one of these 1 inch or 3 inch yoga pads.

Resistance Band

I love to use resistance bands in my classes to add resistance to certain exercises, stretching hamstrings for instance. They’re just as good as hand weights and particularly useful for taking on holiday to keep you going while you’re away -

Find out more about our Pilates classes in Chilton, Abingdon and Steventon at or check out the online membership for a huge range of Pilates workouts.

Lots of love Gemma x

This week’s classes

Lift online class this week

Lift Body Tone

Did you love WalkFit with Weights? Here’s the next in the series, combining aerobics and light handweight exercises. Low impact exercise for all, suitable for complete beginners.

Recorded to be done anytime or join me live for the recording on Tuesday 31st January at 9.30am

£5 for non-members (I will email you the recording to do anytime) or this class is included in the £30/month for unlimited online membership

Our 50% Bundle this week

Low Impact! This Bundle contains 4 full length classes, perfect for if you have bad knees or hips but still want to exercise!

The classes are:

Walk to the Beat HIIT Disco Low Impact Aerobics Beginners LIIT Low Impact Aerobics

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