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Our First Week Back!

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Group fitness is a wonderful thing - working out with like minded people is motivating, encouraging and social! You work harder when with others and reap awesome mental health benefits. We only do positive vibes which both gives the feel good factor and breeds consistency. Its just so fun!

Wow, wow, wow! What a week!

“it was fun to be back…. And my safe space was bigger than the bit of the kitchen floor I have to use for online classes!” Carol

“Classes feel totally Covid safe and the atmosphere you create for us is so warm and energising. Thank you for Zumba – I’ve missed it!” Liz

“Good to be back!” Sue

“I can’t begin to explain how it felt this morning walking back into the room. Fabulous sessions and so good to be back” Linda

“Just what I needed” Marisa

“Zumba was amazing” Rose

“Love love love being back and yes I was hot, sweaty and big smiles!” Zoe

“It was soooooo good to be back! Loved it!” Jess

“So brilliant to be back to face to face classes. I’ve done Pilates and Zumba this week & feel so much better physically and mentally. All beautifully organised, thank you so much Gemma for all your care and hard work.” Liz

Check out our face to face timetable here -

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