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Find your tribe – 7 reasons why exercising with others works

When motivation levels are running on empty to get up early for a run or to head to the pool on a cold dark evening or push the coffee table aside to roll your yoga mat out, the thing that can get you to take that step from ‘I ought to’ to ‘I want to’ is finding another or others to share the exercise with you.

There’s strength in numbers and working out in a group or with a buddy can give us the extra motivation we need. For many, the flexibility of working out alone works perfectly, and through our Facebook membership groups, there’s plenty of laughter and support. For others, joining a local fitness class with others gets them moving better.

So, what are the benefits of group exercise?

1. Increase your commitment

When you feel that others are relying on you to turn up and will be disappointed if you’re not there, it helps to kickstart your way to your fitness class. Positive peer pressure suppresses the urge to skip a class or stop going.

2. Get more out of your workout

There’s a small part of everyone that wants to show off a little and if we see others pushing themselves a bit harder, we often want to do that too. When you think you’ve done enough, look around for a little positive competition.

3. Find support and camaraderie

The healthy habits of others influence us and it’s good to be surrounded by people who are on the same ‘fitness journey’ as you. A bond is formed between people as they sweat and grunt and laugh during a workout – encouraging each other along the way.

4. Get someone to look up to

‘If she can do it, so can I’ is a powerful feeling. Everyone moves at their own pace, but if you can see that someone like you has a little more experience of making exercise a big part of their lifestyle, it makes it real and achievable.

5. Generate high endorphin levels

Sharing your exercise experience can lead to higher levels of feel-good hormones being released in the body. The satisfaction of completing a class, following all the steps and getting the heart pumping can’t be beaten.

6. Have more fun with shared fun

Everyone has to start somewhere and there’s almost always others in the same boat. In a fun class, there is no judgement when you can’t remember your left from your right, there’s always someone to giggle with.

7. Meet new people and make friends

All Gemma Pearce Fitness classes are inclusive and friendly. Some people have been coming for many years, others dip in and out, but the atmosphere is always great and friendships are formed that keeps people coming back for more.

Whether you’re part of the Gemma Pearce Fitness Facebook family or are thinking of signing up for our face-to-face classes in Abingdon and around Didcot (Chilton and Steventon), you can be sure of getting the most out of your workout with plenty of support and fun! Visit to find out more.

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