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Low vs High Impact Exercise

What is the difference between low impact and high impact exercise?

Low impact and high impact exercise refer to the level of stress placed on the joints and bones during physical activity.

Low impact exercise is any activity that does not involve sudden, jarring movements that put stress on the joints. These exercises are gentler on the joints and bones, making them suitable for those who have joint pain or arthritis or are recovering from an injury.

High impact exercise involves jumping, landing, or other forceful movements that put more stress on the joints, such as running, jumping rope, or plyometrics. These exercises can be more challenging and intense, and may not be suitable for individuals with joint pain or arthritis, or those who are older.

We love low impact exercise at Gemma Pearce Fitness as it’s suitable for everyone!

If you’d like to try my low impact exercise class, WalkFit, then comment below for a free class.

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