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Doing cardio as a senior

Over 65? Here’s why you should do cardio:

Heart health: Cardiovascular exercise helps maintain heart health, reduce the risk of heart disease, and control high blood pressure.

Improved balance and flexibility: Cardio can help improve balance and flexibility, reducing the risk of falls and injury.

Mental health: Regular cardio can boost mood, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve cognitive function.

Weight management: Cardio burns calories and can help maintain a healthy weight.

Increased strength and endurance: Cardio improves cardiovascular endurance and overall physical strength.

Regular cardio can have a positive impact on your overall health and wellbeing... but what should you do?

You might not want to go out for a run, use a skipping rope, or your rowing days might be behind you?

Your joints might not appreciate high impact exercise?

My solution to improving your cardiovascular fitness without the high impact is WalkFit

If you’d like to try my Retired & Fitter cardio class, WalkFit, then comment below for a free class.

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