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A funny thing happened today …

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

We’ve been sweating and stretching in our homes for a year now and it hasn’t been without incident for instructors and class members alike! I absolutely love hearing and seeing how you work out at home and it’s good to know that it’s not just me that has the odd interruption or minor disaster to deal with!

My most memorable ‘incidents’ are:

· pigeons aggressively copulating on my conservatory roof while I’m trying to teach

· getting over-excited at spotting deer in “my” field during a class

· my robot vacuum cleaner deciding starting on it’s own while I filmed a class

· a cupboard door springing open in the conservatory when I jumped on a particular floorboard

· many hums, heckles and requests from Lucy, including ‘are you sleeping Mummy, it’s morning time’ during a full body stretch

Technology has certainly not been Claire’s or my friend at times during our year of lockdown exercise classes. Facebook has decided to offer us no comments or cloned, duplicated people but the worst for us is when we forget to press record and have to repeat a full-on, exhausting workout twice!

You also have your fair share of tech issues but we’re so impressed at how you’ve created space, linked phones to TVs and hopped onto laptops to get your fitness fix! It seems that many of your other ‘incidents’ are based around children, animals and tradesmen!

No Chill Children

Mae has become a fun piece of equipment: “My pre-schooler passes under my legs or sits on me while trying to do Pilates. Sooooo not relaxing!”

Exercising with children's "help" has been a feature of lockdown, and Claire and I are no different! Lucy twirling during a latin aerobics class or asking for help with the iPad, or Claire's children asking for snacks or joining in for a stretch... that's just the reality of how life has looked!

Pesky Pets

Cathy’s dog joins in: “My dog thinks Pilates and Yoga are a joint activity – licking and laying on me or the mat – just a bit distracting and not a chill moment,” or interrupts: “the dog barks, wanting to go out to chase around whilst I’m doing a class.”

Julia’s dog is also keen to get in on the action: “why does the dog think when I’m doing a glute bridge that she should come and cosy up under my back?!”

Troublesome Tradesmen

Eve’s interruptions are front-door related: “Twice, deliveries arrived mid Zumba and I had to answer the door puffing and sweating, not a good look!”

Debbie must have caused a stir: “The window cleaner cleaning whilst I did Zumba!”

Whilst Rosemary impressed her plumber: “I carried on with Zumba Gold, complete with singing/whooping/clapping with the plumber fixing my toilet and running in and out to his van past me! He said he was surprised how energetic Zumba is, as he passed the progressively redder and sweatier customer!”

Whatever challenges you must overcome to be able to look after yourself and find some ‘me time’, we are super-impressed and so grateful that you sign up and tune in regularly. Who knows what the future of exercise classes will be, as long as we continue to support each other and have fun, we’ll be able to share plenty more hilarious incidents!

Share any stories of your own in the comments below!

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