Fitness Classes at
Chilton Village Hall


I’m Gemma and I’ve been running fitness classes in Chilton and the local area since 2011. I started teaching Zumba Gold in Chilton Village Hall and then added Pilates shortly afterwards and have taught

various things at both the village hall and the community room - I definitely feel part of the village!


All of our classes are designed for people who wouldn’t want to go to a gym but want to move more, dance, feel better and take a break from stress.

We believe that the best way to get fit and stay healthy is to enjoy what you do, whether you’re 25 or 85. A little exercise makes such a difference - whether it’s for your mental health, reducing your waistline, easing back pain or just having fun!

All our classes are so supportive, non-judgemental and full of fun and we hope to meet you soon!


Highly qualified and experienced, I specialise in dance fitness, Pilates and classes for older people.

We're currently offering our popular Zumba Gold classes for older people on Thursday mornings at the village hall plus evening Pilates and Dance HIIT sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the village hall and community room on CFW. We also have classes in Sutton Courtenay, Steventon and Abingdon.

Here are more details:

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Pilates in Chilton

What it is: This relaxed class focuses on exercises to work on your back and increase core strength, tone your tummy, improve your posture, mobility, flexibility and balance.

Who's it for: Anyone who wants to improve posture and balance and ease back pain. This is Pilates for all, you don't have to be young or flexible at our classes although please do contact me in advance if you have a diagnosed back issue. 

What do I need to bring? a mat

When and where is it:

Tuesdays 6.30 - 7.15pm at Chilton Village Hall

Thursdays 7.15 - 8pm at Chilton Community Rm

Thursdays 8.15 - 9pm at Chilton Community Rm

Class/Course: Blocks of classes that open for new bookings each half term

Zumba Gold in Chilton

What it is: Low impact latin dance fitness class that really doesn't feel like exercise!  These classes are for older adults or anybody who might be needing a slightly slower pace, less bouncing around and easier to follow choreography.

Who's it for: Anyone who would like a gentle dance fitness class. This class focuses on improving cardiovascular fitness without jumping so is easier on the joints - perfect for older people or those recovering from injuries. No specific dance experience required, but you must like music and dancing! Complete beginners welcome. 

What do I need to bring? Nothing!

Where is it: Chilton Village Hall

When is it: Thursdays 10.30 - 11.15am

Class/Course: Class. Advance booking only - £7 per class

Dance HIIT in Chilton

What it is: Dance HIIT is a class where we do 45/50 seconds of high energy dance moves, followed by a rest. You'll learn latin, hip hop, funky chicken and more! It's all the joy of dance with all the physical benefits of a HIIT workout. Sweaty, high impact and super fun, this is a HIIT cardio dance party!


Who's it for: Anyone who loves Zumba, Clubbercise and Strictly Fit, but wants to work a bit harder. Those who love to dance and want to get fitter. Those (like me!) who love HIIT workouts but get bored of squats, lunges and burpees and needs more dance in their life! This is a brand new class so we're all complete beginners - everyone welcome. 

What do I need to bring? Nothing!

Where is it: Chilton Village Hall

When is it: Thursdays 6.15 - 7pm

Class/Course: Blocks of classes that open for new bookings each half term