Fitness Classes in South Oxfordshire - Didcot, Abingdon, Drayton, Steventon, Chilton & Sutton Courtenay

​Gemma and her instructors bring fun, friendly and welcoming classes to your doorstep. We run 24 classes a week, with something suitable for everyone, whatever your age, size or fitness level.

We are currently offering online classes.

Due to the coronavirus, we are currently running online fitness classes for the foreseeable future. 

If you have block booked for a Zumba, Zumba Gold, Clubbercise, RockBox, Booty band, Broadway Boogie or Barre class - your class pass will be extended for as long as necessary.

We have a number of different classes and methods of working out with us to stay healthy in body and mind by joining a wide choice of online sessions (listed below).

I would like to take this chance to thank everyone who has been doing our online classes. I am super grateful that my instructors and I have been able to continue doing what we love every single day. Thank you so much to everyone who has been coming to our virtual classes and supporting my small business! In return, I hope that you have enjoyed having an ounce of normality and your workouts have helped you to feel great!

Love from Gemma x 

Online Fitness Class Membership

What? A weekly membership for our Online Fitness Classes. We offer 14 classes including Zumba, Zumba Gold, Pilates, Gentle Pilates & Abs Blitz.

How? These classes are delivered live in a Facebook group and the videos are then saved to the group so that they can be repeated at a time that is more convenient for you.

How much? Online Fitness Class Membership costs £18 for access to classes from Monday until Sunday. Book here.

Pilates Masterclasses


What? 6 weekly Pilates sessions, delivered on a Thursday evening. Each week will have a different focus to really work on a different area of the body 

How? These classes are delivered live on our website and the video is saved to the page for 7 days. 

How much? Each masterclass is £5 or £25 for all 6 sessions. Book here.

RockBox & Clubbercise Classes


What? A 45 minute session, just like at our normal face to face classes! 

How? These classes are delivered live on our website. We are unable to grant access to these classes after the event due to licencing reasons so they can only be done live.

How much? Each class is £4. Book here.

Home Workout Club Videos

What? I have put together bundles of my favourite 10 minute Home Workout Club videos, including Gentle Exercise, Pilates, Beginners Guide to Weights and more.

How? You are sent the links to the videos and they are yours to access whenever you like.


More info here.

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A stress busting, easy to follow fitness session for the body and mind.

Kick, punch and smash drum sticks to modern & classic rock music!

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Abs Blitz

An ab-focused body conditioning class to strengthen and tone the tummy as well as improve your cardio fitness, burn fat and tons of calories.

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