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Zumba ® Fitness classes are fantastic! More fun and with more dance than your usual aerobics classes, our classes are aimed at everyone; every size, shape, age, gender and fitness level. You can decide how hard you work - and if you don't get it straight away, it doesn't matter as each song is different. No one is looking at you - they are too busy dancing to the music! Singing along is also encouraged!


We use a variety of music and the playlist changes gradually over the weeks so you'll never be bored.


You will shake, shimmy, smile and sweat as well as burn hundreds of calories at each class. You'll feel great afterwards - it's a very addictive, all over body workout!

Zumba ® Gold is a lower impact version of Zumba ® Fitness that is still every bit as fun to do - and just as good for you! If you are new to Zumba or maybe have trouble keeping up in regular Zumba classes, try a Gold class! It's not slow or boring, it's just less intense. These classes are for older adults or anybody who might be needing a slightly slower pace, less bouncing around and easier to follow choreography. Most of the music will be latin or international rhythms, but there will also be some oldies and music you'll know... and it's not as loud either!

Check out the timetable for a list of current Zumba and Zumba Gold classes and come and try it yourself!

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