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Retired & Fitter Standing Strong Bundle

Retired & Fitter Standing Strong Bundle


Want to improve your balance?

Feel stronger?

Move better

Look no further than our Retired & Fitter Standing Strong class bundle!


Gemma, a Level 3 Exercise for Older Adults and Level 4 Postural Stability instructor, and creator of Retired & Fitter, understands that mat based Pilates might not be for everyone and has created 3 joint friendly standing Pilates classes.


The Standing Strong is a collection of three 15-minute recorded on-demand classes that you can access and do at your convenience.


These classes are specifically designed to be done in a standing position and focus on various aspects of Pilates, such as core strength, balance, flexibility, and overall body conditioning.


Whether you're a beginner or experienced in Pilates, the Standing Strong bundle offers a convenient and time-efficient way to incorporate standing Pilates into your fitness routine, allowing you to strengthen and tone your body while enjoying the benefits of this dynamic exercise method.


Our classes are all recorded, so you can participate from the comfort of your own home, whenever is convenient for you. No travelling - all you need is a computer or smartphone and an internet connection.


Your 3 classes are housed on my website with anytime access!


Included for VIP and online members


No refunds for any reason.


By purchasing membership to the group, you are declaring yourself to be physically sound and suffering from no impairment, disease or infirmity or other illness that would prevent your participation in live streamed fitness classes or activities. If you are unsure about your suitability for this exercise, please refer to your GP. You hereby assume all responsibility for your participation and activities.

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