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The benefits and services of a private 1-2-1 session include:

POSTURAL ASSESSMENT – At the start of your first session I will assess your posture to determine which areas of your body require more attention so we can work together to help balance any postural issues and strengthen weak areas, so you achieve BETTER RESULTS!

WORK AT YOUR FITNESS LEVEL – Exercises are given to suit your ability so you can be assured of a safe workout.

LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACE – Each exercise is explained very carefully and at a pace just for you, so you get a thorough understanding of each and every exercise and its benefits. 

PERSONAL PILATES PLAN TO TAKE HOME – Following on from your first session and once I have completed your postural assessment, you will receive a Pilates session plan designed for your specific goals and areas of weakness. You can then perform the plan in between your one-one sessions, thus helping you to progress your practise even more to help you achieve amazing results!

GAIN CONFIDENCE IN YOUR WEEKLY CLASSES – Even just ONE private Pilates session with me will give you more information about the popular exercises we perform in class each week, so with increased awareness and deepened knowledge your confidence will grow.

RELAX AND BREATHE MORE! – During a one-one session you can take your time to gather your thoughts and really focus your mind. In general the pace of the session is slower which gives you more time to focus on your breath control and therefore achieve a deeper state of relaxation.

GAIN BETTER RESULTS – Once you really know HOW to perform Pilates exercises correctly you will see better results on your physique. 

1 - 2 - 1 Pilates Classes

Perhaps you are new to Pilates? Lacking a little bit of confidence?
Or maybe you love your weekly class and want a little bit extra?
Or possibly you’ve got something specific that you’d like to concentrate on?
A 1-2-1 Pilates session can be just the thing you need so you can ask questions and work at your own pace in the privacy of your home.

I had a 1:1 Pilates session with Gemma after suffering with sciatica pain caused by a bulging disk in my back.  Gemma's understanding, professionalism and knowledge reassured me instantly making me feel relaxed.  

Gemma worked closely to make sure I was never experiencing any pain but encouraged me to work my body to its full potential so I got the very best from the session.  After just my first session I felt stretched and my pain had eased.  

I highly recommend Gemma's Pilates 1:1 sessions and look forward to my next session.


A private 1-2-1 session costs £45 for an hour 

These sessions can either be on Zoom, at my house in Steventon or at your own home (restricted to postcodes OX11, OX12, OX13 or OX14)

Please contact me to book an appointment.

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