3 worksheets, one for each trimester, detailing 10 Pilates exercises with photos, explanations, and visualisations to keep you active during your pregnancy.


Workout at home and stay healthy, toned and strong throughout your pregnancy.


With these worksheets, we'll show you how to strengthen, stretch and relieve tension in your changing body, whatever stage of pregnancy you're at.


These Pregnancy Pilates worksheets are written and demonstrated by Gemma Pearce, a qualified Ante and Postnatal Fitness Professional who’s taught thousands of women since she began Gemma Pearce Fitness in 2011. Gemma did Pilates all the way through her pregnancy - in fact she did Pilates until 7 days before she gave birth!


This worksheet can be printed out or downloaded and saved onto your computer, tablet or phone.

10 Exercises with Gemma - Pregnancy Pilates worksheets

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